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Overview for Verizon

Containing the Container: Developer Experience vs Strict Security Posture - Brian Bagdzinski & Sharat Nellutla, Verizon

Verizon IT we manages multiple multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters across on-prem and multiple clouds hosting hundreds of applications. Containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native are central pillars: both for application modernization strategy, and for our north star architecture. This discussiion is about evolving the developer experience in this space, despite the security constraints, leveraging open source tooling such as Skaffold, Harbor, Kaniko, and Jib.


How Verizon is Accelerating Cloud Adoption and Migration with the AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow

Learn how Verizon uses the AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow to create a robust self-service computing environment while meeting Verizon’s governance and security controls and achieving their goal of migrating 30% of their applications onto AWS in a short timeframe.


Verizon: Finance Data Lake implementation as a Self Service Discovery BIg Data Platform

Learn how Verizon uses Data Lake based on Hadoop big Data platform as a right self service discovery and analytics.


Fusing Apache Spark and Lucene for Near-Realtime Predictive Model Building

Debasish Das and Pramod Lakshmi from Verizon discuss fusing Apache Spark and Lucene for near realtime predictive model building.