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Overview for advertising

How artificial intelligence is changing advertising in China

In this talk Bessie Lee and Ching Law take you through how AI is changing advertising. You will learn how China’s white-hot AI advertising applications can serve as roadmaps and spark ideas in other industries and how companies like Tencent are improving performance by leveraging AI technology. Tencent reaches more than 800 million active daily users, who share interesting contents and browse business updates on a diverse portfolio of quality platforms, such as WeChat, QQ, QZone, and many affiliated third-party apps.  


Kafka and Kafka Streams in the Global Schibsted Data Platform

In this discussion you will learn how Schibsted an international media group has set up a new global streaming data platform using Kafka and Kafka Streams, replacing a homegrown solution based on Kinesis and micro batches in Amazon S3. 


Machine Learning for AdTech in Action

In this talk,Cyrille Dubarry andd Han Ju of Teads explain why Machine Learning plays a key role in the AdTech industry and how they use Spark to train production models, evaluate them through AB-tests, and design new models according to specific offline metrics. They also cover the way they use those Machine Learning models in real-time production servers. The main takeaways for the attendees will be the architecture and implementation choices that work at scale for the addressed use cases.


Data lossless event time streaming processing for revenue calculation

Learn how Criteo runs Flink on one of the biggest Yarn clusters in Europe and computes 100k messages per second to acknowledge revenue of their platform within the delay of 5 minutes. Real-time revenue monitoring system calculates data under 1% of discrepancies and minimizes business impact in case of revenue anomalies.