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Control Plane for Large Mesh in a Heterogeneous Environment - Fuyuan Bie & Zhimeng Shi, Pinterest

Building service mesh in a heterogeneous environment of a large number of clusters is challenging. At Pinterest,  they have a complicated mixture of thousands of clusters ranging from IaaS to dockerized services to kubernetes; They are developed with C++/Java/Python/Node/Go/Elixir.Using open source go control plane as the interface to Envoy, the data engineering team at Pinterest meshed Pinterest services with a control plane namely tower they developed. From edge to backends, 100% services are managed by Tower. They use actor model and event sourcing to make it performant, reliable, scalable and extensible.


Governance on K8s: How to Solve Ownership, Metering & Capacity Planning - Micheal Benedict & Yongwen Xu, Pinterest

Pinterest is a cloud first visual discovery engine that serves over 250MM users. To support this scale, there are thousands of services running on tens of thousands of hosts, processing 300+PB of data. Pinterest operates large kubernetes clusters across several availability zones, across regions. The cluster is auto scaled with support for pod level auto-scaling. Finally,to effectively utilize resources within the clusters, Pinterest operates heterogeneous workloads on a kitchen sink of instance types. 


Tinder's Move to Kubernetes - Chris O'Brien & Chris Thomas, Tinder

This discussion is about how Tinder moved it's platform to Kubernetes, challenges encountered along the way and how they were solved. 


How and why we moved away from Kafka Mirror Maker to Brooklin- LinkedIn's story

See how Linkedin is using Brooklin Mirror Maker (BMM) to provide improved performance and stability at the same facilitating better management through finer control of data pipelines.