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Overview for customer 360

Seamless Customer Experience at Walmart Stores Powered by Kubernetes@Edge - Maneesh Vittolia, Principal Architect & Sriram Komma, Principal Product Owner, Walmart

At Walmart, while major application software can and does operate in the cloud, stores or any client edge compute cannot avoid the intermittent network events that can create less than ideal availability and performance of the software during those times.  This can lead to poor customer experience and/or failed transactions during checkout. Because of Walmart's scale of serving around 265 million customer every week, the comnbined effect on customer experience as well as the loss of revenue is pretty huge.

To overcome the issue between Stores and cloud, Walmart is building and rolling out the next generation of Point of Sale (POS) systems on highly resource constraint edge computing environment using modern service mesh based technologies designed to allow maximum business flexibility, extreme performance and rapid deployment and powered by Kubernetes.


Spanning the Globe with Envoy at Stripe - Dylan Carney, Stripe

Dylan Carney a Software Engineer at Stripe discusses how Stripe operates compute infrastructure around the globe in order to provide low latency and high availability to its users, using Envoy to connect this infrastructure together. To ensure reliability and operability, Stripe built an Envoy control plane, along with new tooling to manage it. New XDS services provide features like ramp-up of traffic to specific compute clusters, tiered failover, and per-customer routing of API requests. Stripe also built their blue/green deployments on top of this. Finally, they made improvements to make Envoy significantly more reliable in the face of issues like packet loss and head-of-line blocking, based on traffic patterns and behavior observed in production.


Saving Energy with Apache Spark and Toon

Toon, a leading European smart thermostat and energy display, enables users to control and monitor gas and electricity consumption in their homes. Using the energy data they collect from over 400,000 homes they have developed a new Energy Waste Checker app to give actionable advice to end users to ensure that they do not needlessly waste energy. In this talk  Stephen Galsworthy, the Head of Data Science at Toon, describes how their novel disaggregation algorithms are implemented in Spark and shows how Toon uses cloud-based big data processing to offer data driven services to hundreds of thousands of users.


Scaling Your Skillset with Your Data

Jarrett Garcia, the director, Software Service and Quality at The Nielsen Company covers Nielsen’s successful implementation of Spark and Databricks which has allowed Nielsen to scale its products and its Data Scientists’ skillsets.


Bringing Real-Time to the Enterprise with Hortonworks DataFlow

TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, with $12.9B of annual revenue and 12.7M customer connections. Members of the TELUS team will walk through the implementation and workflow challenges they overcame, working with Hortonworks to connect Apache Hadoop, Apache NiFi and Apache Spark, within a secure enterprise environment.


Vegas, the Missing MatPlotLib for Spark

Learn how Netflix uses Spark for machine learning, monitoring and interpretation, detect anomalies, inconsistencies and temporal and spatial patterns.