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Overview for data warehousing

Tinder's Move to Kubernetes - Chris O'Brien & Chris Thomas, Tinder

This discussion is about how Tinder moved it's platform to Kubernetes, challenges encountered along the way and how they were solved. 


Seamless Customer Experience at Walmart Stores Powered by Kubernetes@Edge - Maneesh Vittolia, Principal Architect & Sriram Komma, Principal Product Owner, Walmart

At Walmart, while major application software can and does operate in the cloud, stores or any client edge compute cannot avoid the intermittent network events that can create less than ideal availability and performance of the software during those times.  This can lead to poor customer experience and/or failed transactions during checkout. Because of Walmart's scale of serving around 265 million customer every week, the comnbined effect on customer experience as well as the loss of revenue is pretty huge.

To overcome the issue between Stores and cloud, Walmart is building and rolling out the next generation of Point of Sale (POS) systems on highly resource constraint edge computing environment using modern service mesh based technologies designed to allow maximum business flexibility, extreme performance and rapid deployment and powered by Kubernetes.


Using FoundationDB and the FDB Record Layer to Build CloudKit - Scott Gray, Apple

This talk is about the features of FoundationDB and the Record Layer that help build CloudKit, Apple’s cloud storage system for structured data. Scott Gray, a software engineer at Apple focuses on three key areas where FoundationDB and the Record Layer have unlocked large benefits for CloudKit. First, FoundationDB’s arbitrary multi-key ACID transactions have allowed implement advanced secondary indexing at scale, including our recently-developed transactional full-text search system. 


NuGraph: GraphDB as a Cloud Service Built Upon JanusGraph and FoundationDB - Jun Li & Hieu Nguyen, eBay

Ebay has built a GraphDB cloud service called NuGraph, which is based on JanusGraph. FoundationDB is chosen as the JanusGraph’s storage plugin, because of its high-performance and distributed transaction support. Jun Li and Hieu Nguyen from eBay present the GraphDB architecture, and focus on how they deploy and manage FoundationDB in Kubernetes, how they improve JansGraph query performance in a cross-data center environment, how they bulk load the graph into FoundationDB with its transactional support, and how they secure the 3-tier cloud service with limited security support from FoundationDB.


Envoy Mobile in Depth: From Server to Multi-platform Library

Learn how Lyft built, and deployed Envoy Mobile ( in their Swift/Kotlin apps and the motivation behind deploying a single, consistent Envoy-based network stack across every platform.


Running Massively Parallel Deep-Learning Inference Pipelines On Kubernetes Martin Abeleda & Suneeta Mall, Nearmap

Nearmap captures terabytes of aerial imagery daily. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Nearmap has leveraged Kubernetes to generate AI content based on tens of petabytes of images effectively and efficiently. Martin Abeleda and Suneeta Mall from Nearmap discuss how using Kubernetes as the backbone of their AI infrastructure, allowed them build a fully automated deep-learning inferential pipeline that despite not being embarrassingly parallel is actually massively parallel. This talk also explains the architecture of this auto-scalable solution that has exhausted all K80 spot GPUs across all US data centres of AWS for weeks.