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Overview for governance

Governance on K8s: How to Solve Ownership, Metering & Capacity Planning - Micheal Benedict & Yongwen Xu, Pinterest

Pinterest is a cloud first visual discovery engine that serves over 250MM users. To support this scale, there are thousands of services running on tens of thousands of hosts, processing 300+PB of data. Pinterest operates large kubernetes clusters across several availability zones, across regions. The cluster is auto scaled with support for pod level auto-scaling. Finally,to effectively utilize resources within the clusters, Pinterest operates heterogeneous workloads on a kitchen sink of instance types. 


How Verizon is Accelerating Cloud Adoption and Migration with the AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow

Learn how Verizon uses the AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow to create a robust self-service computing environment while meeting Verizon’s governance and security controls and achieving their goal of migrating 30% of their applications onto AWS in a short timeframe.


How Vanguard Matured IAM Controls to Support Micro Accounts

Learn how Vanguard has matured their IAM controls and automation to support a micro-account strategy, providing further agility to developers while reducing blast radius and improving governance. You learn how Vanguard uses STS Federation at the OU level, builds common roles across all micro accounts, implements AWS Organizations SCPs, and uses different network control zones for admin vs. non-admin functions. Vanguard also shares how they are using AWS Lambda to block escalation of privilege.


How LogMeIn Automates Governance and Empowers Developers at Scale

Learn how LogMeIn moves quickly and stays secure through the power of automation on AWS. You will learn the core AWS security building blocks, such as IAM, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and Amazon CloudWatch.  The discussion goes on to approach LogMeIn’s approach for empowering developers on AWS while also meeting required security controls.


IAM for Enterprises How Vanguard strikes the Balance Between Agility, Governance, and Security in IAM Design

Learn how Vanguard designs IAM roles to control the blast radius of AWS resources and maintain simplicity for developers. Vanguard also shares best practices to help you manage governance and improve your visibility across your AWS resources.


Enterprise Data Governance and Compliance at Scale

Twilio is a cloud communication platform supporting 40,000+customers, 1+ Million Developers, handling millions of messages per minute across the globe from various different sectors. Handling this massive amount of data at Twilio in secured way is possible because of Kafka and Spark. Twilio’s Data platform team is building a compliance layer on top of Data Pipeline, Data Lake and Bulk Data Transformer to handle different compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI etc. Secured Data Pipeline is a streaming channel for Data Lake, BI Data Warehouse and Elastic Search whereas Bulk Data Transformer is a ETL channel to transfer and transform bulk data from RDMS. Kafka Connect, Spark SQL and Data frames powers streaming channel and makes data wrangling and de-duping efficient.