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Overview for AI

AI in practice: how we help cure diseases using Big Data and AI - Chen Admati @ Intel (Hebrew)

Chen Admati (Head of Intel Pharma Analytics Platform at Intel Corporation), discusses AI in practice and how we help cure diseases using Big Data and AI


How Malwarebytes Leverages Big Data, AI

In this talk Sujay Kulkarni Manager, Data Engineering at Malwarebytes discusses how Malwarebytes leverages big data, AI and the cloud to protect millions of companies and individuals globally from the world’s most harmful internet threats and malware. They collect billions of records each day on a millisecond by millisecond basis, and apply advanced machine learning and AI to identify and profile harmful threats and their sources. 


How artificial intelligence is changing advertising in China

In this talk Bessie Lee and Ching Law take you through how AI is changing advertising. You will learn how China’s white-hot AI advertising applications can serve as roadmaps and spark ideas in other industries and how companies like Tencent are improving performance by leveraging AI technology. Tencent reaches more than 800 million active daily users, who share interesting contents and browse business updates on a diverse portfolio of quality platforms, such as WeChat, QQ, QZone, and many affiliated third-party apps.  


AI and Machine Learning for the Connected Home

Quby is the creator and provider of Toon, a leading European smart home platform. As a data driven company, Quby uses AI and machine learning to generate actionable insights for their users. Using the data they collect via IoT devices Quby has introduced multiple data driven services, including an energy waste checker and a boiler monitoring service. In this presentation Stephen Galsworthy the Head of Data Science at Qubywill describes how AI and machine learning are implemented on the Toon platform, and highlights multiple AI use cases relating to the connected home. He dicusses how Deep Learning algorithms are used to detect inefficient appliances from electricity meter data and how streaming algorithms allow users to be alerted to anomalies with their heating systems in near real-time. Stephen also shares the experiences from the Data Science and Data Engineering teams at Quby with bringing data science algorithms from R&D to production and the lessons learned in offering multiple data driven services to hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis.