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Overview for aws

Best Practices for Managing Security Operations on AWS

Learn how Netflix utilizes a combination of several services such as CloudTrail, CloudWatch Events, and the AWS service APIs to operationalize monitoring of their deployments at scale. You willl also learn the changes made as Netflix’s deployment has grown over the years. 


IAM for Enterprises How Vanguard strikes the Balance Between Agility, Governance, and Security in IAM Design

Learn how Vanguard designs IAM roles to control the blast radius of AWS resources and maintain simplicity for developers. Vanguard also shares best practices to help you manage governance and improve your visibility across your AWS resources.


Petabytes Scale Analytics Infrastructure @Netflix

In this talk, highlights the overall big data platform architecture and dives into the two key design choices: Storage and Orchestration. Learn how Netflix leverages S3 as their data warehouse storage layer. They rely on Parquet as the primary storage format.


How to Process 50 Billion Monthly Messages with Full Availability & Performance

Learn why mParticle switched from Apache Cassandra to ScyllaDB, an open source database that is fully compatible with Apache Cassandra

Also learn how to more effectively utilize high capacity Amazon Web Services (AWS) hardware, including the 64 vcpu, 15TB NVMe i3.16xl instances to run a 100TB dataset with just 10 nodes.


Scaling Data Science Capabilities with Apache Spark at Stitch Fix

Learn about Stitch Fix’s approach to using and managing Spark, including their infrastructure, execution service and other supporting tools. You’ll also hear about the types of capabilities they support with Spark, how the team transitioned to using Spark, and lessons learned along the way. Stitch Fix’s infrastructure utilizes many services from Amazon AWS, tools from Netflix OSS, as well as several home-grown applications.


Rapid Analytics @ Netflix LA (Updated and Expanded)

Chris Stephens a senior data engineer at Netflix discusses how Netflix equips its engineers with the freedom to find and use the right software for the job. An example is how Netflix has enabled analysts to switch between MPP RDBMS and an auto-scaling Presto cluster and how Spark + NoSQL stores are used when deploying data sets to internal web apps.