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Overview for aws-kinesis

Vonage & Aspect: Transform Communications & Customer Engagement

In this discussion you will learn from a market-leader Vonage how and why they re-architected their QoS-sensitive, highly available and highly performant legacy real-time communications systems to take advantage of Amazon EC2, Enhanced Networking, Amazon S3, ASG, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, StepFunctions, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EFS, and more. You will also learn how Aspect, a multinational leader in call center solutions, used AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Cognito, and Application Load Balancer with open-source API development tooling from Swagger, to build a comprehensive, microservices-based solution. Vonage and Aspect share their journey to TCO optimization, global outreach, and agility with best practices and insights.


Analytics in real time, the (Grey's) anatomy of event streaming

Adam Ahringer explains how Disney-ABC TV leverages Amazon Kinesis and MemSQL to provide real-time insights based on user telemetry as well as the platform for traditional data warehousing activities. These technologies enable a strong user experience and deliver more engaging streaming content to customers who watch Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and other Disney-ABC TV content.


Lyft Case Study

Lyft, a fast growing rideshare company in the United States and available in more than 200 cities, facilitates 14 million rides per month. It uses AWS to move faster as a company and manage its exponential growth. Among the products Lyft uses to support more than 100 microservices are aws-redshift, aws-kinesis, aws-dynamodb and aws-ec2.