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Overview for aws-lambda

Policy Verification and Enforcement at Scale with AWS

Learn how Goldman Sachs uses  AWS Config, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) as distributed infrastructure that help catch security issues early and remediate those that happen unexpectedly. You will also learn how they use distributed serverless logging pipelines and leverages AWS formal verification tools to help enforce access policy in the process.


Zocdoc Achieves Auto Threat Detection & Remediation w/ Security as Code

Zocdoc, an online healthcare scheduling service, receives more than 6 million patient visits monthly. In less than 12 months, Zocdoc became a cloud-first organization to meet their business goals. This digital transformation allowed for rapid innovation and the ability to deliver products that align with demands of the 21st-century patient. In this session, Brian Lozada, CISO at Zocdoc, and Jay Ball, Head of Application Security, explain how Zocdoc uses AWS security services to seamlessly and automatically monitor, audit, and enforce their security policies within all their AWS environments. They use AWS security services, such as AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Shield, while using AWS Lambda functions to augment their security team, all without slowing down their developers.


How Vanguard Matured IAM Controls to Support Micro Accounts

Learn how Vanguard has matured their IAM controls and automation to support a micro-account strategy, providing further agility to developers while reducing blast radius and improving governance. You learn how Vanguard uses STS Federation at the OU level, builds common roles across all micro accounts, implements AWS Organizations SCPs, and uses different network control zones for admin vs. non-admin functions. Vanguard also shares how they are using AWS Lambda to block escalation of privilege.


Vonage & Aspect: Transform Communications & Customer Engagement

In this discussion you will learn from a market-leader Vonage how and why they re-architected their QoS-sensitive, highly available and highly performant legacy real-time communications systems to take advantage of Amazon EC2, Enhanced Networking, Amazon S3, ASG, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, StepFunctions, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EFS, and more. You will also learn how Aspect, a multinational leader in call center solutions, used AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Cognito, and Application Load Balancer with open-source API development tooling from Swagger, to build a comprehensive, microservices-based solution. Vonage and Aspect share their journey to TCO optimization, global outreach, and agility with best practices and insights.


Deep-Dive on How Capital One Automates the Delivery of Directory Services Across AWS Accounts

Learn how Capital One uses AWS Managed AD to provide highly available authentication and authorization services for its Windows workloads, such as Amazon RDS for SQL Server. This talk is detailed on how Capital One uses Lambda, Python, and PowerShell with cross-account AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to automate directory deployment across AWS accounts. Also, this talk covers the best practices for integrating AWS Managed AD with your on-premises domain securely, and shows you how to automate the joining of AWS resources to your managed domain.


Finding Bad Acorns

This talk highlights Capital One's journey to bring fraud decisioning to their tellers using Kafka, Flink and AWS Lambda. Andrew Gao and Jeff Sharpe share their learnings and experiences to common problems such as custom windowing, breaking down a monolith app to small queryable state apps, feature engineering with Jython, dealing with back pressure from combining two disparate streams, model/feature validation in a regulatory environment, and running Flink jobs on Kubernetes.