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Overview for databricks

Social Media Influencers Detection, Analysis and Recommendation

Learn how Socialbakers used Databricks for innovative research and large-scale data engineering including ML and the challenges they faced while deploying Apache Spark from the scratch and onboarding the teams to their new platform.


Attribution Done Right

Thiago Rigo a software engineer with GetYourGuide takes you through how GetYourGuide developed a solution that cleans and structures logs from different data sources, applies rules to deal with channel assignment, and finally properly weights each channel’s contribution to total revenue generated. The business and technical challenges solved and how the solution was implemented at GetYourGuide using Spark and Databricks.


The Evolution of the Fashion Retail Industry in the Age of AI

In this talk Kshitij Kumar the Vice President for Data, Machine Learning and AI at Zalando shares their AI journey and how they are exploring ways to unify data through A.I. with Spark and Databricks.


How We Used Databricks, MLeap, and Kubernetes to Productionize Spark ML Faster

This talk will describes how Autotrader, the UK’s leading digital automotive marketplace aunched their new “Days to Sell” ML-powered metric, using Databricks notebooks to experiment with and tune their model, MLeap to serve out predictions in real time, and Kubernetes to automate the deployment of new models. Edward Kent a Senior Developer at Autotrader shows show how they went from model experimentation and design, right through to deploying their model to a production environment. 


Transforming Devon’s Data Pipeline with an Open Source Data Hub—Built on Databricks

Learn how Devon moved from a traditional reporting and data warehouse approach to a modern data lake. Through a visionary program, driven by Databricks, Devon has begun a transformation of how it consumes data and enables engineers, analysts, and IT developers to deliver data driven solutions along all levels of the data analytics spectrum.


Scaling Advanced Analytics at Shell

Learn how Shell leveraged Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform as the cornerstone of their Advanced Analytics COE and how this resulted in a more unified data team collaboratively speeding time to value by reducing unnecessary churn as they operationalized production workloads on projects ranging from Inventory Optimization to Machine Vision.