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Overview for flink

Python Streaming Pipelines With Beam On Flink

Thomas Weise a Software Engineer, Streaming Platform at Lyft shares with you vital information on gains attained using Beam technology. You will learn how Lyft has contributed towards the realization of the cross-language support and enabled processing pipelines written in Python to run on Apache Flink. 


How to keep our flock happy with Apache Flink on AWS

This is a detailed talk about Rovio's analytics pipeline and its use cases. Learn a brief history lesson on how a purely batch based system has evolved into hybrid streaming and batch system, and share how Rovio operate their production pipeline in AWS.


Threading Needles in a Haystack: Sessionizing the Uber firehose in realtime

In this discussion learn about Uber's evolution of the Rider Session state machineand challenges involved in managing realtime stateful streaming pipeline across half a dozen event streams and millions of riders who use Uber every day. Covered also are the various aspects of the running the job in production such as managing state checkpointing, monitoring, experiences moving the job from Spark Streaming to Flink and ensuring low latency to downstream systems.


Our successful journey with Flink

Trackunit has based their telematic IoT processing pipeline on Flink. Learn how they went from one giant Flink job to many smalls and some of the problems they have seen operating Flink on AWS EMR cluster.